An Introduction

 Welcome to the Strengths-focused-Identity site. 

   There are several links in the Contents-Listing that will inform you about articulating your strengths-focused-identity. If you have 16 minutes to watch and listen to the website developers, Jerald Forster and Jennifer Rose, click HERE now to see their introduction to the website using A Mirror Metaphor.

    If you want to watch Jerald and Jennifer introduce the key ideas of this website during a 36-minute Orientation Session, click HERE.

    If you have 15 minutes and want to hear and see Marilee Goebel tell a story about how she benefited from participating in the activities suggested in this website, click HERE.

Go to SfI Together.   click HERE

If you have 30 minutes to listen to Jerald Forster talk about the early version of Strengths-focused-Identity , you can click HERE now. This video was recorded in 2014, so it will give you more of a historical perspective of the SfI process. 

   If you do not want to watch any of these Introductory Videos at this time, you might want to learn more about strengths-focused-identity by checking out other topics in the Contents listing. We especially recommend that you start by clicking on the Overview page, which is the 2nd page in the Table of Contents. 

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